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Alternative and Unique Ideas for a Stag Weekend Party

Stag weekends in Amsterdam or elsewhere always promise to be an exciting and memorable event. As you relish your last few days as a single man, it is always a good idea to spend quality time with your best buddies. If you are tired of doing the traditional things and want to plan the best stag weekends for Amsterdam, there are some unique ideas you can try!
Stag Weekends in Amsterdam
Play with a Sports Legend
If you and your buddies love sports, this is a fun idea to try for the best stag weekends in Amsterdam. You can pick a sport that you all share a love for. Then, book your favorite athlete or a sports legend to a match. A private session with your sports idol along with your buddies is one memory that you won’t soon forget.
Depending on the type of sport and the popularity of the sports star, you must be prepared to pay a hefty amount of this experience. Some athletes charge per hour or per session. Plus, you need to find a contact to be able to set an appointment with a popular sports star. If you are willing to splurge to have the best stag weekends in Amsterdam, then you might as well go with this one!
Paintball Wars
If you think paintball wars are childish, you only need to try it once to be convinced that it is actually a lot of fun. Even grown men will find the paintball wars a fun game to try. Since childhood, men have always been fascinated with guns. This is a fun and safe way to channel your desire for guns and have a good time with your best buddies!
Nature Adventure
This is a great idea for men who like to explore the great outdoors. There are limitless options available for this particular idea – you simply have to choose an adventure that best fits your idea of what an adventure is like. Some of your options include caving, mountain hiking, and white water rafting.
Cross-dress Party
If you and your best pals are up for some good hearted fun, this idea is for you. A stag or hen night party in Amsterdam does not need to involve professional strippers to be fun. You can play cross-dress with your male friends and see how much fun you have. You can let anyone wear any costume they like as long as they mimic a female character or persona. The best part is that you can do it at home; hence, cost is not a problem. All you have to invest in is your costume for the night and some booze to make the party more fun for everyone. And don’t forget to tag alone an optional photographer hire to capture all the fun you had. You would want to keep a record of the fun especially when you have had too much booze to drink!
Love the ideas listed above? If not, you can get more ideas for best hen weekends for Amsterdam or stag parties that will give you the time of your life before you tie the knot. Visit and you can uncover more exciting ideas you could never imagine!

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