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Where to Get the Best Deals on LEGO Star Wars in Sydney

Buying LEGOs in Australia can be expensive, especially if you are purchasing from an online store located outside the country. If you love these little colorful bricks, you can now purchase them reasonably at Mr. Toys Toyworld, which offers a wide variety of LEGO toys including LEGO Star Wars Sydney collections for the residents of Sydney.

Lego Star Wars Sydney

The biggest advantage of shopping online with this toy shop is that you can get plenty of advantages including special offers, LEGO discounts, and LEGO sales. And because sales and deals are announced periodically, it is important to keep yourself updated so you can grab the best LEGO deals as they appear.

Mr. Toys Toyworld is one of the very few places in Australia you can rely on to get the best deals on LEGO Star Wars Sydney kits. By shopping online, you can also get better rates compared to what you get in retail stores, where toys are sold at recommended retail prices.


Star Wars began in the 1970s. To date, it has continued in various forms such as books, cartoons, movies, and TV series. The first Star Wars movie was released in 1977. Within 3 years of one another, two sequels were subsequently released. These first three original movies were known as The Original Trilogy. The next Star Wars movies did not arrive until 1999, with the release of the next trilogy that also came within three years of one another.

These latter releases are collectively known as The Prequel Trilogy. Interestingly, the latest Star Wars movies that emerged around 2008 are actually prequels of the Original Trilogy. These Star Wars movies, which have been released over the years, are as follows: A New Hope, released in 1977; The Empire Strikes Back, released in 1980; the Return of the Jedi, released in 1983; The Phantom Menace, in 1999; the Attack of the Clones, in 2002; the Revenge of the Sith, in 2005; and the Clone Wars, in 2008.


LEGO Star Wars is one of the most popular series in LEGO Land, which has been around for the past decade. The parent company renews their license annually, just to produce these popular toys and kits every few years. This popular LEGO line is aided by the constant supply of Star Wars movies, TV shows, games, films, books, and other forms of content.

Thus, there exists an unlimited supply of material on which to base Star Wars online games. Also, it guarantees that these Star Wars-themed games will be around for many years to come. For kids, they truly provide an exciting platform to explore numerous exciting sci-fi adventures through LEGO constructions.

Looking for the best deals on LEGO Star Wars Sydney within your neighborhood? Visit Mr. Toys Toyworld’s official website at to buy Lego online. You would certainly get excellent price deals on these LEGO games and build exciting structures, based on one of the best designed themes in LEGO Land.

Lego City for Small and Big Boys

Ask anyone who has experienced being a kid and for sure, he or she is familiar with those brick toys that can be connected to each other to form different shapes and structures. Those who have kept their toys in a store room may still be able to show you their own Lego city.

Lego city

You will be surprised to learn that Hobby Stores are frequented not only by children but by their parents too. While parents do not play with these toys the way their kids do, they hoard on these toys for collection purposes. Others spend money on these toys with the hope of recouping its value threefold or even more after a few years.

The Amazing World of Lego

Lego has attracted not only children but also adults who realize that buying this toy is a good investment.  While some dads invest in the stock market, the unconventional ones invest in Lego city. These are interesting lego sets that form a unique or a popular community. Some collectors do not even open the toy but just store them in a safe place until the right time comes.

Children who could not get enough of lego toys are another matter. For one, these kids are not able to control themselves so they immediately open the boxes even before they reach home. Lego toys provide an excitement that could not be achieved by the other toys. The joy of being able to successfully assemble any of the following lego toys is incomparable:

  • Lego cargo train-This is one toy that does not only provide enjoyment in the assembly process. After it is formed, your child will be able to load and unload containers using the cranes. It even comes with an infrared remote control that allows the user more control of the train.
  • Lego Volkswagen-This is a collector’s item not just because it is a classic 1962 Volkswagen but because it is almost identical to the real thing, with detailed interiors, window frames and round roof.
  • Lego coastguard patrol-Once assembled, this lego toy creates a small world where there is a sinking dinghy and a couple faced by the scary possibility of drowning. Add the three sharks to the excitement and both the kids and the parents will surely have a good time.

The Resurging Popularity of the Lego city

It is not only the Lego city that has experienced a surge in popularity but also all the other legos likeFisher Price Toys.. The company has to thank the movie world for making children excited about lego and for adults to rediscover lego again. Classic movies like Lord of the Rings have made lego a byword again, making it highly in-demand. Anyone who has stashed a Star Wars lego somewhere has surely earned bragging rights for possessing the toy.

Building cities made of lego has become not just a favourite pastime for kids but also a hobby for adults. Americans have become so enamoured with building sets and cities that they have spent $1.6 billion in 2011 alone.

There are many possibilities offered by the innovative lego toys and if you are interested in building your own collection, make sure you get yours from a reputable source like Mr. Toys. This Online Hobby Store is an authorized retailer of lego toy products. The next time you want a lego, you know where to go.

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